Parkland Buddy Sports provides quality sport programs for special needs children and young adults in an empowering, challenging and loving environment where the emphasis is on having fun, making friends and realizing full potential. Our volunteers, both students and adults, learn patience, tolerance and the ability of one person to change the life of another. They also learn that by creating an environment void of physical, social and cultural barriers there are “NO LIMITS”.

The program was started in 2002 with one activity, Soccer Buddies. At its inception, the program enrolled 20 players and 30 student volunteers. Today, through multiple programs, Parkland Buddy Sports has enrolled hundreds of special needs players from all parts of South East Florida.

Through positive reinforcement, a message of never quitting, trying your best and always having fun, the special needs players achieve new levels of success each time they come to the game. Players are matched with their own “Buddy” volunteer for the entire season.

“No Limits” – this is the mantra of Parkland Buddy Sports, dedicated to providing the best in sport programs for special needs children. The program builds skills, confidence, self esteem, and a lifetime devotion to sports and fitness. Parkland Buddy Sports provides sponsorship opportunities for individuals and businesses. 100% of all funds raised by sponsorships are allocated to the programs to buy equipment and uniforms, and to fund year-end celebrations.